TikTok: The New Beauty Platform for Gen Z and Gen Y

Insights into our new in-house study on the relevance of TikTok for the beauty industry

Lena Lutzeier


TikTok has emerged as the leading platform for beauty brands, boasting over one billion monthly active users worldwide. This app offers extensive reach, particularly among Gen Z. Both Gen Z and Gen Y are highly receptive to beauty trends, and TikTok is capitalizing on this enthusiasm. With 28% of users under 18 (Gen Z) and 35% between 19 and 29 (predominantly Gen Z and Gen Y), TikTok is the perfect place for beauty brands to showcase their products and set new trends.

Economic Success and Influence on the Beauty Industry

TikTok's economic success is significantly impacting the beauty industry. In 2023, TikTok Shop generated approximately 17.5 billion US dollars through advertising and in-app purchases. Beauty brands are capitalizing on this momentum by launching targeted advertising campaigns and leveraging the platform's viral nature to boost their visibility and sales. TikTok has not only transformed the way beauty products are marketed but has also created new opportunities for growth and innovation within the industry. Consequently, it is almost inevitable for beauty brands to incorporate TikTok into their social media strategy, making it an essential platform for 2024.

Eigenstudie: TikTok Beauty Insights: Hardfacts GenY vs GenZ

Source: Hard facts from the in-house study advise TikTok Beauty Insights 2024

Exclusive Insights: TikTok as a Beauty Gamechanger

Our latest in-house study on the relevance of TikTok for the beauty industry offers valuable insights. This comprehensive study, conducted with women in the USA, is designed for anyone interested in beauty and social media marketing who aims to better understand and reach Gen Z.

The study is divided into two groups: Gen Z (18-26) and Gen Y (27-35). These participants demonstrate a strong affinity for beauty content, regularly consuming it on TikTok. The qualitative research was conducted in an online community where each participant completed tasks individually and independently.

Why TikTok is Indispensable for Beauty Brands

Our self-study highlights several reasons why TikTok is essential for beauty brands. Users seek a mix of information and entertainment on TikTok, making it the perfect platform for beauty brands to showcase their products and services.

  • High Reach at Low Cost*: TikTok is a relatively new and less crowded platform. Its algorithm can quickly make short, creative videos go viral, allowing brands to achieve wide reach quickly and inexpensively.
  • Popularity of Beauty Content*: Beauty and skincare are among the most popular content categories on TikTok, with over 33 billion hashtag views.
  • Continuous Growth*: TikTok's user base is expected to keep growing through 2025, offering an expanding audience for beauty brands.
  • Dynamic Platform*: TikTok's ever-evolving dynamics provide opportunities for innovative and rapid market adaptations.
Eigenstudie: TikTok Beauty Insights: Erwartungen an TikTok Content

Source: Expectations of good TikTok content, own study advise TikTok Beauty Insights

Usage and Expectations of TikTok Users

Most TikTok users spend 2-3 hours a day on the platform, with younger Gen Z users spending as much as 3-5 hours daily. They expect content that is entertaining, informative, and educational content that teaches them new things while being enjoyable. According to our study, humorous content, creative ideas, and inspirational videos, such as fashion hauls, beauty reviews, and cooking recipes, are particularly popular.

Differences Between Gen Z and Gen Y

Gen Z (18-26 years): This group spends more time on TikTok, values short, concise videos, and often follows influencers whose opinions they trust. Gen Y (27-35 years): This group spends less time on TikTok compared to Gen Z, prefers content from experts and professionals, seeks more diversity, and tends to be more skeptical of influencers.

Advertising on TikTok: How to Do It Right

Most TikTok users find adverts and product placements annoying unless they are honest, authentic, and aligned with their interests. Authentic, unscripted adverts that spark genuine interest are received positively. In contrast, overly professional and intrusive adverts are often skipped. TikTok is, therefore, a unique platform where advertisers can gain users' trust and attention through authenticity and relevance.

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*Source: advise own study - TikTok Beauty Insights 2024