Social Media Forschung

Social Media Research

Consumer Understanding

To effectively get younger target groups excited about your products and services, a presence on social media such as TikTok, Instagram or YouTube is essential.

⁠Are you looking for consumer insights and want to know which influencers suit your brand, what content your target group is interested in on Instagram & Co or how your TikTok account is received? Our social media tools provide the answers.

Target Group

Target Group

Find out what makes your target group tick on social media!

Instagram, TikTok & Co. are now an integral part of target group communication. Would you like to find out which social media channels your target group uses and what they are most interested in? What are the current trends and which formats are the most hyped? Our tools will show you what makes your target group tick.

Quantitative Basic Studies

Gain important basic knowledge for an ideal understanding of your target group through quantitative analyses. Your relevant target group is recruited (based on various criteria such as age structure, interests and attitudes, product use, social media use, etc.) and surveyed on various social media topics. This gives you a sound understanding of your target group as a starting point for an efficient social media strategy.

Eine Mädchengruppe ist mit den Handys auf Social Media

Qualitative Social Media DeepDive

Chat directly with your relevant target group and gain exciting insights, e.g. on current topics, trends and influencers. In qualitative online chats, guided discussions are held on various topics. This allows you to gain even deeper insights to better understand the needs of specific target groups and align your social media strategy accordingly.

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