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Market Research

Agile solutions for well-founded decisions

Professional surveys are our core competence, online & offline, quantitative (e.g. with heatmaps, TURF, driver analyses, PSM, conjoints) & qualitative (e.g. focus group, IDI, chat/community, diary) and efficient, inexpensive and flexible.

⁠And if it has to be faster, even in up to 48 hours with our advise Speed-Up! tools.

Target Group

Target Group

Get to know your customers!

When tapping into new markets, a deep understanding of potential target groups is needed first. In addition to traditional quantitative or qualitative surveys, we offer innovative approaches such as consumer chats or ethnographic online communities in which we immerse ourselves directly in the world of your target group. Our focus is not only on understanding markets and trends, but also on covering the entire spectrum of consumer behavior in your category, from decisions to purchase to actual use.

Baseline Studies

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your target group through quantitative analyses and qualitative-psychological methods. This provides us with important basic knowledge for an ideal understanding of your target group, e.g. age structure, regional distribution, frequency of use, usage habits…

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Personas & Segmentations

Get to know your target group even better and find out which "typical" customer clusters (personas) you have. Gain a deeper understanding of your consumer behavior by evaluating general values and behavior patterns. Need gap analyses help you to align your marketing strategy more precisely. Personas are created with AI support and presented graphically.

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