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Désirée Konrad

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The advise tour continues! We are thrilled to announce that after his presentations in Cologne and Hamburg, Managing Director of advise, Andreas Woppmann, will be giving further keynote speeches at the BVM regional evenings. Make a note of the following dates and register for free:

🗓️ Berlin on 04.07.23
⁠🗓️ Frankfurt am Main on 05.07.23
⁠🗓️ Stuttgart on 13.07.23
⁠🗓️ Bielefeld & Düsseldorf soon!

Andreas will again provide exciting insights into how AI is revolutionizing market research. He will also discuss the fascinating differences between the new generation of AI and previously known approaches. The following topics will be discussed in detail:

  • Where is AI today: differences between the new generation of AI and the AI we have known so far
  • Practical insights: Real application examples from practice
  • Concrete learnings: What works well with AI, what works less well and what doesn't work at all?
  • Outlook for the near future: How will AI change our industry and our daily work?

The subsequent discussions at the last presentations were extremely lively and we can hardly wait to continue the exchange at the upcoming BVM regional evenings! There is a huge demand to get to grips with ChatGPT & Co. and their potential in market research.That's why further presentations are planned in Bielefeld and Düsseldorf. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the next dates!Secure your free place for the events! You can find the link to register here: